The human body is the point of inception for my artwork; often consisting of painted sculptural objects, hybridized paintings, and digital prints & photographs. After investigating certain anatomical materials, physiology, and psychological states that comprise the human body, I attempt to deconstruct them & their relationships in regard to the actual spaces we might generally perceive them to exist within, e.g. a figure in a landscape, a body in some archetectonic space, virtual spaces or states existing within the mind. Taking these deconstructed elements, I utilize various aesthetic strategies to transmogrify & reconfigure them into hybridized forms that invert or destabilize their pre-existing relationships or functions. Infused into these experiments are such notions as: Gross anatomy, biological microscopy, American Pop culture, mortality, abjection, pharmapsychology, the transgressive, and social & sexual taboos. I endeavour to create new interpretations of what it might mean to experience the human condition. One possible reading of my artwork might be described as an object or image appearing like an organism in a state of biological flux that has subsumed American Pop culture detritus and fused it with its own DNA…...

-Jason Bud


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